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2 & 3 October 2019

LA Convention Center

Seema Menon: Speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo

Seema Menon

Director of Sales for Sony Pictures Networks

Single Stitch Pitch

Sales person meets the client, pitches the idea and looks for cues of interest from the client. Representation has been made by the sales person, but it has not anchored well enough as a compelling pitch to move the client to the next level of buying. Sales person continues his own 'flog to exhaustion' in subsequent meetings including re-engineering his business proposition but client’s response is anaemic. Single Stitch Pitch is a metaphor that aims to emphasise the concern and significance of the very first pitch with the client that must have enough firepower to potentially seal his immediate wound and invigorate his interest in your firm. So how does one engender the Single Stitch Pitch? Welcome to the presentation.

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