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How to 5X company’s revenue by launching online course

Sep 20, 2023

Unleash the Power of Online Courses for Business Success For more than 6 years Zakkery marketing Grop has been dispelling the myths surrounding the educational online course industry: “This can be profitable if only you have big audience in Social Media…” “With so much free information on YouTube only insane person will waste money on online course…” “I have no extraordinary knowledge that could be valuable in the form of online course…”

With over 60+ successful online courses, and 7000+ satisfied attendees worldwide, we have shattered the misconceptions that hold many back from embracing this lucrative opportunity.

The seminar will reveal how online courses can be the ultimate solution for your company or personal growth. Smart businesses not only increase their revenue through online courses but also attract new clients to their core business. In times of recession, Zakkery Marketing Group believes that educational online courses can be a salvation decision for many businesses.

Our goal is to provide a step-by-step, detailed demonstration that empowers anyone with appropriate experience to create and monetize their knowledge and expertise through online courses.

Attendees will gain a crystal clear understanding of the following:

-Avoiding mistakes when choosing the right niche and theme for an online course.

-Calculating the necessary budget and time required for testing.

-Outlining the steps to generate the first revenue from an online course.

-Discovering effective strategies for selling an online course, even with limited social media presence.

-Exploring opportunities to expand the client base of their main business by leveraging online courses.

Additionally, attendees will receive a value pack of templates and charts to kick-start their online education journey. By the end of the seminar, every participant will possess the precise algorithm (Zakkery Online Course Launch Method) that can revolutionize their business prospects and elevate them to an entirely new level. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the power of online courses for your success.

Anna Zakkery, Founder and CEO of Zakkery Marketing Group

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