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B2B Growth: From “Hope & Pray” to “Plan & Do”

Sep 20, 2023

Growth. It’s what every b2b organization desires. Sometimes, growth is elusive. Often, b2b companies focus sales and marketing resources on the wrong initiatives or in the wrong directions, wasting time and money, with little to no ROI. This presentation breaks down the three methods of growth using the B2B Growth Planner, a model for aligning, prioritizing, and focusing a b2b organization’s marketing and sales efforts around one goal: sustainable growth.


For each of the three primary growth methods, there are 10 distinct growth channels that may be evaluated as focal points of growth for a b2b organization. During the presentation, we explore these channels for the purpose of determining which ones will most effectively drive growth for an organization in the foreseeable future. By focusing on its top 3-5 growth channels, and creating organizational alignment around them, a company is best positioned to accelerate growth and achieve higher growth margins. Further, once the priority growth channels have been identified, definitive and much more realistic growth goals can be defined.


As a result, the b2b organization is in a much stronger position to align marketing resources with a more singular and focused purpose: to support and fulfill its growth goals. This represents an important shift in both execution and expectations of the organization’s entire marketing effort, moving away from “hope and pray” to a measurable and more effective “plan and do” approach.

Ed Delia, President - Delia Associates

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