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Building a Resilient Mindset: Embracing Challenges as Catalysts for Growth

Sep 20, 2023
Keynote Theatre 2 LA

In this deeply personal and thought-provoking keynote speech, JC Hite, founder of Hite Digital, opens up about a significant struggle that challenged his perception of success and well-being. With visible reminders of the ordeal, bruises from the numerous medical tests he endured, JC recounts the recent experience that landed him in the hospital. Despite feeling content and accomplished in his personal and professional life, he unexpectedly faced the harsh reality that his stress levels were dangerously high.

Addressing his audience with a departure from his usual positive and energetic demeanor, JC highlights the tendency for entrepreneurs, business people, and even human beings in general to shy away from sharing their internal struggles. He sets the stage by describing the incident that sparked his journey—a sudden and severe physical episode that left his entire body tense and breathless. Seeking immediate medical attention, JC found himself facing his greatest fears: doctors and needles. The bruises on his arms serve as a visible reminder of the arduous battery of tests, including neuro tests, blood tests, and heart tests, along with brain CT scans.

What bewildered JC was the doctor's diagnosis: "You gotta settle down. You're too stressed. You gotta take it one step slower, JC." This revelation shattered his perception of well-being, as he had been genuinely happy and fulfilled in various aspects of his life. With a loving and harmonious marriage, wonderful children, and thriving business, JC couldn't comprehend how he could be labeled as anxious and stressed.

The incident prompted JC to reflect on an important question: Are we truly prioritizing our physical and mental health as entrepreneurs and human beings? He acknowledges the presence of a dedicated leadership director within his company, emphasizing the importance of practices such as breathing exercises and meditation in maintaining mental well-being. However, JC's personal experience raises the question of whether such efforts are sufficient and easily attainable.

Driven by the need to normalize discussions around mental health, JC admits to initially hesitating to share his struggle. He confesses that he concealed the situation from his team, fearing they would perceive him as incapable of handling pressure and the responsibilities that come with leading a company. Acknowledging the weight placed upon him by his franchisees, JC's vulnerability led him into uncharted territory—a realm of introspection and grappling with his own emotions.

For the first time in his life, JC found himself grappling with the concept of depression. While uncertain if he was using the correct terminology, he describes the constant fear that gripped him following his hospitalization. The fear of a recurrence plagued him, causing anxiety during meals and leaving him on edge. Even in the office, he noticed a decline in his usual energy and enthusiasm, feeling uncertain about his purpose and actions.

Seeking solace and guidance, JC shares the impact of a recent visit to church. The sermon's theme of planning resonated deeply with him, emphasizing the importance of being prepared but acknowledging the inherent unpredictability of life. These teachings compelled JC to ponder the true purpose and direction of his life, questioning his role as a leader and the burdens he assumed.

Through this transformative experience, JC recognizes the need to relinquish the idea of being solely responsible for the success and well-being of his team, franchisees, and himself. He grapples with the realization that everyone has their own responsibilities, and it is not his burden alone to carry. JC acknowledges the immense support system he has in his team, franchisees, and the guidance of a higher power, acknowledging that he doesn't need to shoulder everything alone.

In this keynote speech by JC Hite, founder of Hite Digital, the audience is invited to reflect on the importance of self-care, normalizing discussions around mental health, and truly understanding one's purpose. Through his personal struggle and the lessons he draws from it, JC imparts a powerful message about the significance of relying on support systems and cultivating a balanced approach to success and well-being

JC Hite, Founder and CEO - Hite Digital

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