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No Camera, No Crew? No Problem!

Sep 20, 2023
Theatre 9 LA

Every business needs to create more videos - branded, consistent and engaging videos that catches audience attention and interest. Traditionally, such videos cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for a 5-minute piece, and takes a whole team days and weeks to produce it, with extremely costly back and forth and revises.


HeyGen is now disrupting business avatar video production with state-of-art generative AI that help customers easily create their custom AI avatars as well as generate on-demand videos by drag-n-drop user experience.

In this Seminar, Joshua will walk you through the power of AI avatar, how to ultilize HeyGen to easily create the avatar that only belongs to your brand, and use it for scalable professional-grade video production.


Joshua will also demo some more advanced AI avatar & video technology that’s going to further disrupt the business world, enabling every company and team to easily create content that works.

Joshua Xu, Co-founder, CEO - HeyGen

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