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Our Customers Don't Care About Content and Other B2B Lies

Sep 20, 2023
Theatre 9 LA


In this presentation, we will examine one of the most common frustrations felt by content marketers in the B2B space: investing a lot of time into content creation only to conclude that it's "not working." Perhaps your company has tried blogging, writing long-form educational resources, or even producing video content with the hope of driving organic traffic and generating more sales. But when it came time to evaluate the return on investment of these efforts, the value didn't seem to be there. This scenario often leads to a belief in the falsehood that your B2B customers "just don't care about content." Or do they? Many times we see brands neglect content marketing or abandon it altogether because they were evaluating its effectiveness using the wrong criteria. Half the battle of effective content marketing is attaching the right goal to the right piece of content. This requires a full-funnel approach to content strategy and development. If your company is struggling to see the value in its content marketing efforts, then this session is for you. Attendees of this session will:

  • Discover the essential elements of a successful B2B content strategy, with actionable insights provided by WTM Digital, an industry leader in content marketing and digital strategy.
  • Learn how to create compelling, customer-focused content that engages your target audience in meaningful ways throughout the conversion funnel.
  • Gain valuable insights into setting and measuring the correct goals for various content types based on your target audience's needs and their intent at different stages of the purchasing journey.

As the digital landscape continues evolving, it is crucial for businesses to understand the role of strategic content marketing and its true potential to help them stand out in a challenging B2B space.



Emily Long, Our Customers Don't Care About Content and Other B2B Lies - WTM Digital

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