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Data Quality: The Big Picture

Sep 20, 2023
Theatre 6 LA

This highly informative session will touch on everything that digital marketers need to consider if they are to optimize data quality, minimize legal exposure, and reduce the cost of bad data.  Everything from fraud prevention & compliance to data validation & enhancement will be discussed at a high level.

The data quality landscape is ever changing with new hurdles popping up all the time. Getting the most out of your data is
not a trivial task, and every company has different needs. Some problems are not always going to present themselves in
obvious ways, so it’s essential to know what to look for. The more data you have and the more complex your workflows
are, the more moving parts you will need to manage.
Attendees will be made aware of all the challenges they are likely to face (if they have not already) and how to begin
addressing these challenges. The content is intended to cover the basics of many important topics, thereby painting the
“Big Picture” of data quality, allowing the attendees to discover their own priorities.

Strategic Takeaways

1. Learn how to identify the data quality shortcomings in your current workflows.
2. Understand the strategies which should be applied to solve your specific data quality issues.
3. Gain the knowledge to measure the quality of your data, and how to bring the value of it to new levels.

Brad Hogg, CEO - RRDB L!VE

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