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Opportunities and challenges of AI in B2B marketing in 2023 and beyond

Sep 20, 2023
Theatre 4 LA

This seminar is designed to educate businesses on how they can leverage the latest advances in artificial intelligence to improve their marketing tactics and strategies.
The seminar aims to explore how generative AI can help businesses automate repetitive tasks such as lead generation and content creation,
freeing up valuable time for marketers to focus on other critical aspects of marketing.

The discussion will also delve into the various challenges businesses may face in utilizing generative AI for B2B marketing.
These challenges include the limitations of AI systems, the need for proper oversight and integration, and the ethical implications
of using AI to create and distribute content.

The seminar will be presented by Zachary Rischitelli, managing director of Real FiG Advertising + Marketing.
He will share his insights and experiences on how to implement generative AI in B2B marketing as well as provide guidance
on how to overcome common obstacles. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in discussions and ask questions.

Overall, the seminar will provide a valuable opportunity to learn about the potential of generative AI in B2B marketing
and how businesses can navigate the challenges that come with implementing such technology.


Zachary Rischitelli, Managing Director - Real FiG Advertising + Marketing

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