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Recession Proof Marketing: Flexible Solutions for Modern Business

Sep 20, 2023

Layoffs, interest rate hikes, volatility. The business landscape shifts beneath our feet as we speak.

Creativ Strategies CEO and Founder, Wes Morton, will explain the novel marketing solutions modern businesses are employing to grow and win in uncertain environments.

Learn how each marketing practice - Strategy, Creative, Public Relations, Paid Media, Analytics, Attribution - serves one another to build a flexible model for a resilient business.

  1. Macro economic factors, landscape (doom and gloom, layoffs, interest rate hikes, inflation, market volatility, political volatility)
  2. Status Quo, how marketing works now (cliches, refrains, and things people hate)
  3. The modern business and flexible solution
  4. Q&A - getting people to tell us their problems, give us your challenges
Wes Morton, CEO & Founder - Creativ Strategies

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