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Revolutionizing Customer Experience for B2B Enterprises With Large Language Models

Sep 21, 2023

Customer experience is the lifeblood of any successful business. Excellent digital customer experiences foster
customer loyalty, strengthen relationships, and boost a brand’s reputation.
However, with customer interactions spread across multiple touchpoints and channels, offering a connected,
personalized, informed and agile experience can be a challenge. This is where Large Language Models (LLMs)
can help.

LLMs hold the potential to not only streamline B2B operations, but also significantly improve Customer
Satisfaction (CSAT) scores by:
-Enabling more personalized support experiences through natural language query understanding,
-Generating personalized product recommendations based on customer maturity,
-Offering contextual conversational AI experiences, and
-Optimizing knowledge management and optimization workflows

But, while organizations stand to gain a lot of productivity improvements through LLMs, when a user question is
directly sent to the open-source LLM, there is an increased potential for hallucinated responses based on the
generic dataset the LLM was trained on. To serve B2B needs, these models need to be trained and fine-tuned and
new sets of data injected to better fit your business and customer context.

Grazitti Interactive, through our proprietary SearchUnifyFRAGTM framework,
is at the forefront of empowering enterprises to harness the potential of LLMs in a data-driven, contextual, cost-
effective and secure manner.

Join Shivraj Asthana, President, Grazitti Interactive Inc. and Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify as they discuss:
-Role of LLMs in transforming customer experience, across enterprise functions
-Key LLM use cases for streamlining customer interactions and knowledge management
-Real outcomes achieved with LLMs and SearchUnifyFRAGTM, demonstrated through valuable customer proof

Who should attend this session

Customer Experience Leaders, Customer Support Leaders, Community Management Leaders, Chief Marketing
Officers, Digital Experience Transformation Leaders

Vishal Sharma, CTO of SearchUnify - Grazitti Interactive
Shivraj Asthana, President of Grazitti - Grazitti Interactive

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