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Let’s Talk Story: Exploring The Power of Narrative in Marketing

Sep 21, 2023
Keynote Theatre 2 LA
"Let's Talk Story: The Power of Narrative in Marketing" is an enlightening discourse into the realm of storytelling as a catalyst for marketing success. Join Former Disney Animator Dave Zaboski (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Lion King and others) on an engaging journey, uncovering how storytelling transcends traditional advertising, builds deeper customer connections, and crafts compelling brand identities. Peppered with enlightening examples and heartwarming personal anecdotes, this talk offers a unique perspective on the narrative tools you need to elevate your marketing strategies. If you're seeking to transform your brand, evoke powerful emotions, and connect authentically with your audience, this talk is your key to a marketing revolution. Let's dive into the story together!
Dave Zaboski, Chief Creative Officer - Laetro Inc.

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