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Videos That Grew 49 Brands from $0 to 7+ Figures

Sep 20, 2023
Theatre 9 LA
Video marketing is the best way to grow any business. Whether you are marketing
on social media, YouTube, television, or even your own website, an effective video strategy can accelerate your
growth. Jon LaClare has been helping businesses develop profitable video marketing strategies for over 20 years.
In this session, you’ll learn a repeatable process that has worked for OxiClean, Bona, Peter Thomas Roth, Boogie
Board, Louis C.K., Sea Foam, Yummie, Truthfinder and countless others. This process works whether you are
hiring an outside video production agency or shooting your own videos on your smartphone. Strategy and
content are the most important parts of any video, and Jon will share a simple, straightforward approach that will
help guide your scripting and creative development.
Jon LaClare, Founder & CEO - Harvest Growth

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