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How B2B Marketers can Up their Game in 2024

06 Mar 2024
Theatre 6 MI

B2B email marketers know their programs face unique challenges and require unique solutions. More and more, B2B marketers are turning to their B2C counterparts for inspiration, and with good reason. The current email landscape offers ever-evolving ways to acquire zero-party data and hyper-personalize email campaigns for B2B and B2C marketers alike. In this session, we’ll explore what B2B marketers can learn from B2C programs to up their game in 2024, including: 

·       How hosting providers (like Google and Microsoft) make filtering decisions that impact both types of businesses.  

·       Data hygiene measures from acquisition through to sunset policies. 

·       Ways to increase personalization through customer data. 

·       Establishing brand recognition. 

While there’s significant overlap between B2B and B2C email programs, B2B marketers face a litany of unique obstacles. We’ll discuss B2B-specific challenges, like third-party filtering and the realities of more complex subscriber acquisition practices - all through the lens of best practices that will help guide emails to the inbox and maximize performance.  

Danielle Gallant, Sr. Email Strategist - Validity
Guy Hanson, VP - Partners - Validity

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