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How to Drive Groundbreaking Marketing ROI (...and align with Sales)

Mar 07, 2024
Theatre 6 MI

It’s incredibly hard to be a modern B2B marketer right now. Algorithms are changing, the tech stack is expanding, everything is a “priority”, and the to-do list is out of control. To make things worse, while you are fighting to win the marketplace war, Sales can seem hell-bent on laying siege to your strategic plans.  

In this high-energy session, Dacia Coffey, a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, will provide guidance on how to prove and accelerate marketing ROI and share the leading B2B strategies for brand building & lead generation. This talk is designed to show you how to mastermind a ground-breaking, career-making 2024.

In this high-energy workshop, you’ll learn

  • How to organize and clarify marketing’s impact on the business 
  • How to make the right decisions on where to spend and how much to spend on marketing
Dacia Coffey, How to Drive Groundbreaking Marketing ROI (...and align with Sales) - The Marketing Blender

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