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AI Is Only The Beginning: Prepare And Position Yourself Now

Oct 09, 2024
Theatre 7 LA

AI will not replace businesses. Businesses with AI will replace businesses without.

AI is impressive, but we are only seeing the beginning of its full impact. For the first time in history:

  • Your data can literally talk to you.
  • Intelligence is no longer scarce and can be directly integrated into business processes.
  • The most sophisticated data science tools are available to anyone, not just large organizations.

As a pioneer in AI implementation for businesses of all sizes, Michael will give a crash course on the current possibilities in AI, the direction it is heading, and the exiting—and sometimes terrifying—possibilities we will see in the not-too-distant future.   Anything is possible; the only certainty is that we will all need to adapt. Arm yourself with knowledge and powerful new technologies so that you can emerge as a leader in your field.

Michael Malin, Founder / Applied AI Scientist - Model Forge

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