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The Cold Slap: Marketing Automation Intelligence Is Not Optional

Oct 10, 2024
Theatre 7 LA

Marketing leaders face the imperative to future-proof their sales and marketing operations, even amidst uncertainties about AI. "The Cold Slap: Marketing Automation Intelligence Is Not Optional" is designed to help business leaders confidently understand and articulate the transformative power of AI in marketing.


Michael Damond Campbell, an expert in marketing automation intelligence, shares his proven strategies for integrating AI into your marketing operations. He will demonstrate how AI not only enhances human creativity but also significantly boosts team productivity. By attending this seminar, you'll learn specific techniques for leveraging AI to improve customer engagement, streamline marketing workflows, and optimize overall performance.


Campbell’s insights will help you navigate the complexities of AI adoption, addressing common fears and misconceptions. You'll gain actionable steps to ensure your business stays competitive in a fast-paced market, positioning yourself as a forward-thinking leader ready to guide your team through the digital transformation.


Ideal for marketing professionals and small business owners who manage their own marketing, this session provides the knowledge and tools needed to lead with confidence.



Michael Damond Campbell, Founder & CEO - WeMerge Media

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