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Start with the Firsts - Establishing the Critical Foundations of Email Marketing

Oct 10, 2024
Theatre 8 LA

With email’s vast messaging options, it’s easy to forget the critical foundations of good email marketing. It’s easy to get caught up in shiny objects and think you must do everything simultaneously. InboxArmy’s Scott Cohen will discuss the important “firsts” in a customer relationship in this session. A good primer for some and a reminder for others, this session will have you take a deep breath and re-focus on building and optimizing “first” programs that earn revenue and customer loyalty.


Learning Objectives:

1. Get a refresher on the key foundational elements of a successful email marketing program.

2. Identify critical moments in your customer lifecycle around which to craft email initiatives.

3. Arm yourself with the right questions to ask to review your current email programs.



Scott Cohen, CEO - InboxArmy

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