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5 Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign Isn’t Working

5 Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign Isn’t Working

Producing a successful SEO campaign isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of determination and patience to build your campaign and see any real results. Plus, there’s no guarantee that your campaign will actually see sufficient success. We have composed a list of some of the most common mistakes SEO campaigns make that indicate a failing campaign.

Here are a few reasons why your SEO campaign might be failing:

  1. Decrease in traffic: If you notice a decrease in traffic it’s important to identify the reasons for the drop and look for ways to improve your strategy. When in doubt, research what your competitors are doing well and adapt this for your own strategy.

  2. A drop in keywords: It is important to monitor your keyword rankings. You can use tools such as Google Search Console and SEMRush to monitor your keyword rankings. Keywords are likely to fluctuate but if they continue to drop it’s highly likely that there might be a problem. To ensure high keyword ranking make sure that your content is better optimized and that your content integrates all the right keywords on the right pages. 

  3. Your audience isn’t sticking around: A high bounce rate will indicate the percentage of visitors that will leave your website without clicking through to another page. Most websites have a bounce rate of 25%-75% but the lower the percentage the better! A website with a successful SEO strategy will drive organic traffic through search engines and keep people online for as long as possible. 

  4. Outdated strategy: Search engines will regularly update their algorithms and search metrics so marketers have to continue to come up with new tactics to improve ranks and drive traffic. This is why it is important to keep up with the latest changes so that you can ensure your SEO strategy works with these and not against them. 

  5. Your website isn’t mobile friendly: It is reported that 60% of all online searches are now carried out on a mobile device. One of the most important requirements is to have a responsive mobile version of your website. If your customers are unable to access your website on their phone, you are missing significant traffic which will lead to a decrease in traffic.

Now that you're aware of some of the most common reasons why an SEO campaign may fail, you can use this information to identify any bumps in your own strategy and make any necessary changes. 


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