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Digital Marketing Roundup: April 2023

Digital Marketing Roundup: April 2023

This April we begin our monthly roundup of the latest and greatest social media news, trends and strategy ideas to help your business improve your marketing approach. Take inspiration from the latest news and industry tips to improve your social media channels and hit your targets!

  • Instagram Reels: According to the social media scheduling platform Later, Instagram photo posts saw a 100% engagement rate increase. While Reels continue to benefit from higher reach, photos have seemed to receive a much higher engagement. Thus, you should consider using  reels in your marketing campaigns to drive reach, and use photos to drive engagement.

  • The rise of AI: AI is taking the digital marketing industry by storm. In the last month social media platform Snapchat introduced an AI feature as has content creation tool Canva. AI can be used to elevate your marketing strategy, generate ideas, produce content such as blog content and more. Over 85% of professionals are now choosing to use AI for article and blog generation and a further 75% of marketing professionals are using AI tools for general work tasks. 

  • Surfer AI Launch Date Announcement: Surfer AI focuses on building your business a successful SEO strategy by boosting organic traffic, increasing your visibility and improving your rank. Surfer AI is set to launch on May 23, 2023. So mark your calendar for a chance to try out Surfer AI and build your very own AI generated SEO strategy. 

  • Paid Verification from Meta: Meta has rolled out a subscription feature for its verification marks regardless of how many followers you have. So, if you want your business to be verified you don’t need to worry about hitting a high follower count. For $12-$15 a month you can now obtain a verification mark for yourself or your business.

  • Trending hashtag ‘#deinfluencing’:The hashtag ‘#deinfluencing’ has now generated well over 450 million views onTikTok. This is a growing trend where creators are using various social media platforms such as TikTok to encourage their audience and followers to not purchase products that aren’t worth investing in. This trend is thought to be directly correlated with the current economic state of the world and the influx of making more eco-conscious choices.

Check in with us next month to hear about all the latest trends and news in the digital marketing world. If there are any trends that you think deserved a mention visit our social media platforms to let us know!

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