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Sep 08, 2022

Creativ Strategies, One Year in Business, Books Half-a-Million Dollars in Revenue as a New Decentralized Marketing Consultancy for Media and Tech Firms

Creativ Strategies
Creativ Strategies, One Year in Business, Books Half-a-Million Dollars in Revenue as a New Decentralized Marketing Consultancy for Media and Tech Firms
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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Creativ Strategies, the full-service marketing consultancy for media and tech brands, confirms an impressive start with over $525,000 in revenue in its first year in business. Clients range from new growth hungry Web 3.0 start-ups Satoshi’s Index and $FLIX to venture capital firm Haven to established media, gaming, and entertainment brands like MOCEA

Creativ Strategies offers a novel, flexible, and decentralized marketing consulting model with a remote team of 12 senior marketing consultants. Clients benefit from a team that’s comprehensive in service and technical expertise. Led by creative strategist and advertising veteran Wes Morton, Creativ Strategies operates a completely distributed workforce with consultants working on their own time, in their own offices, across the globe.

Creativ Strategies, CEO and Founder, Wes Morton says: “I started this business out of my bungalow in Venice Beach, California, which I’m still in. We have since expanded into the home offices of some of the best advertising and marketing professionals around the globe. The remote, low overhead model works for our clients, enabling us to provide them top talent and service at competitive rates. More importantly, the model lets our professionals live and work as they please.”

Michael McIntyre, President, MOCEAN said: "We're doggedly focused on servicing our clients' creative needs day to day; so much so that we often forget to market ourselves! Creativ Strategies augments our team, handling our B2B strategy, marketing partnerships, and PR needs. We appreciate the researched perspectives and knowledge they bring to our shores, another rower on the MOCEAN team."

Joseph Guzel, Managing Partner, Haven Ventures said: “We brought on Creativ Strategies to create our logo, build a brand and assist our go-to-market messaging. We were pleased with their speed, quality and professionalism. We look forward to utilizing them for future marketing initiatives for Haven and our portfolio of investments.”

Lennox Matsinde, Co-Founder of Satoshi's Index, said: "We brought Wes and team on to launch our NFT crypto investment product. Together, we built, branded, and launched our NFT project in under 4 months. Creativ Strategies helped us rank on the first page for our brand term, lay out our key selling propositions, and drive PR awareness around Satoshi's Index."

The explosion in growth for Creativ Strategies occurs as more brands adopt remote work, new Web 3.0 start-ups clamor for marketing support, and workers demand more flexibility from their employers.

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About Creativ Strategies

Creativ Strategies is a full-service marketing consultancy and studio for entertainment, media and tech brands. Creativ Strategies improves marketing teams by filling expertise gaps, reviewing marketing plans, supporting various departments, and providing comprehensive strategies. The company operates a dedicated network of senior marketing consultants across several disciplines including: creative, copywriting, partnerships, public relations, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), paid media, analytics, data visualization, and attribution.


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