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M-Clean automatically removes duplicate data from your marketing automation platform - Marketo, and CRM platform - Salesforce/MS Dynamics, and prevents the creation of duplicate data.

Get a spick and span database, boost the efficiency of marketing campaigns, and generate better ROI. The custom dedupe solution removes redundant data from your platform and reduces lead volume costs.

M-Clean enables you to compare and combine records from Marketo and Salesforce and improve data management. It avoids the transfer of duplicates from Marketo to Salesforce and ensures that merged records are synchronized back to Marketo.

M-Clean can also dedupe data in MS Dynamics, ensuring clean and streamlined data. It makes it easier to prevent data inconsistency in MS Dynamics, and boost overall operational efficiency. M-Clean supports all standard and custom MS Dynamics objects and offers the most advanced, comprehensive deduping.

Detect and Eliminate Redundant Data

  • Initiate your data cleaning process effortlessly with a single click. M-Clean takes care of tedious data matching and deduplication.

  • Easily identify duplicate records and merge them properly

  • Save hours of work by automatically merging duplicates, minimizing the need for manual intervention

  • Merge a substantial number of records instantly with a single click

Remove Errors and Inconsistencies

  • Eliminate inaccurate data with robust deduplication that caters to both standard and custom objects.

  • Combine child records and parent records to avoid duplicated within a single account

  • Customize deduplication criteria according to your business requirements, such as identifying cases where emails are the same but names or companies differ

  • Remove outdated records from the database


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