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Sinergify is a connector that builds cross-functional collaboration and drives superior customer experiences by enabling you to integrate Salesforce and Jira. This bidirectional sync brings customer-facing and back-end teams on a common platform.

Sinergify is a Salesforce-native connector that helps build a free flow of data and silo-free interactions by enabling the integration of all standard and custom objects of all Salesforce products (Service, Community and Sales Cloud) with both cloud and on-premises versions of Jira products (Core, Ops, Software, and Service Desk). Here are its features:

Salesforce-Native & Lightning-Ready

Native to Salesforce and compatible with Lightning Experience, Sinergify is also compatible with Salesforce Classic.


Highly customizable, you can define field mappings and rule/process workflows as well as sync Jira with Salesforce.

Multilingual Support

Sinergify supports 18 languages offered by Salesforce. You can view the admin panel in the language you select.

Bidirectional Synchronization

Get a secure, two-way flow of data between Salesforce and Jira, as well as auto-synced comments and attachments.

Compatibility with Multiple Objects

Sinergify supports multiple object syncing, which enables you to integrate standard and custom objects. You can sync as many objects as you want.

No-Code Platform

This is a no-code platform, therefore, you don’t need technical or coding expertise to use it.


There will be no data loss with Sinergify, ensuring smooth and secure integration between Salesforce and Jira.

Leading companies including Nauto, SafeBreach, Visma, Topcon Healthcare, BambooHR, Ivanti, ProfitSolv, Target, Datamars, BetterCloud, DataStax, Reciprocity, Meditech, CS Disco and Skillsoft trust Sinergify for seamless Salesforce-Jira integration.



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