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WordPress- Marketo Connector

Grazitti Interactive
  • WordPress- Marketo Connector
  • WordPress- Marketo Connector
  • WordPress- Marketo Connector
WordPress- Marketo Connector WordPress- Marketo Connector WordPress- Marketo Connector

Grazitti’s WordPress-Marketo Connector is a custom solution for integrating WordPress and Marketo with no coding. The connector makes content delivery more dynamic and engaging. It encompasses out-of-the-box marketing capabilities that deliver targeted content to customers for better conversions and ROI. You can notify subscribers about new blog posts, enable Marketo-embedded form prefilling, send scheduled posts, and more.


Automatic Blog Updates Via Email: Leverage Marketo programs and campaigns to notify subscribers about the newly published blog post or article automatically.

Multiple Post Scheduling Using Digest: Simplify the scheduling of multiple posts using selected categories by leveraging Digest.

Easy Marketo Form Integration: Create shortcodes for Marketo forms for hassle-free integration and add thank you messages or pages associated with these forms.

Progressive Profiling Through Marketo-Embedded Forms: Offer users the convenience of pre-filling information. Allow pre-filling restrictions on dynamic fields and enable it on hidden fields.

Conditional Blocks for Website Localization: Create conditional blocks through Marketo data to trigger specific actions and personalized the user experience on your website.

Marketo Lead Data for Content Personalization: Determine the interests of users and provide the most relevant data or product recommendations to maximize conversions.

Automatic Data Sync Between Marketo & WordPress: No coding is required to enable automatic data flow between Marketo and WordPress.


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