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Jul 04, 2023

Cinematic Brilliance and Tech Wizardry: Unleashing Icon Industries - Evolve Your Brand Podcast

Icon Industries Inc.

In this episode of the Evolve Your Brand Podcast, we delve into the inspiring journey of Shayn Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of Icon Industries, and Steven Porter, the Chief Nerd and Co-Founder. Join us as we explore their entrepreneurial path, discuss their brand's evolution, and gain valuable insights into professional growth and the power of technology. Get ready for an engaging conversation as your host, Ollie Amirkhiz, sits down with Shayn and Steven from Icon Industries. Together, they share their remarkable experiences and shed light on how they built their brand from the ground up. Shayn takes us on a captivating journey, recounting his start in the business world and his deep-rooted passion for creating video projects. Steven joins in to provide his unique perspective as they reveal the story behind starting their first company and the ingenious idea of creating a meetup group for filmmakers and artists. From Shayn's love for filmmaking and the appreciation for being a partner, to Steven's fascination with technology and his role as the iconic partner and literal genius, this episode uncovers the pivotal moments that shaped their growth. Don't miss out on their thoughts on overcoming imposter syndrome and their insights into the world of podcasting and live event management.

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