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Alpha Card Compact Media LLC

Stand: B1228
COMPELLING PRINT SOLUTIONS, IMMERSIVE USER EXPERIENCES Engaging, compact, interactive and retainable. If you're looking to achieve meaningful impact with your content, you are in the right place. Our range of insert sizes and formats, combined with the variety of cover sizes and shapes, allows you to create the content to suit your needs. WHY USE OUR PRODUCTS INSTEAD OF TRADITIONAL PRINT? The beauty of the Z-Fold Card and Infinity Card comes from its retainable, engaging, and compact features. These features of our products lead to an increased return on investment and greater longevity for your brand or message in your printed marketing and communications collateral. Our Z-Fold Card is a durable and creative print product that has a much longer life span than a standard commercial print product. This is due to the hard covers, which are printed sustainably on an SBS board, and laminated for both its appearance and durability. This means that your message, whatever its application, lasts long in the mind and pocket of its user, rather than being tossed to the side, or even worse, in the bin! Our Infinity Cards offer a unique, exciting, endlessly folding product which grabs your attention as soon as it is put in your hand.


11467 Claymont Circle
United States
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