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Blossom Marketing

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Blossom Marketing was born from a desire to help small businesses grow and harvest results. Our founder, Emily Lenning, worked in corporate and developed a love for marketing. Being a fourth-generation entrepreneur, she couldn’t ignore her passion for small businesses. She officially started Blossom in 2017. 

While deciding what to name it, she envisioned allowing other businesses to grow and harvest results. It reminded her of how a fruit will have a flower blossom before bearing fruit–hence the name “Blossom.” Our goal is to help other businesses make it to the flowering stage, where they can finally reap the reward of our labor. She coined the phrase, “Plant, Grow, Tend, Harvest,” which is the guiding principle for how Blossom helps others achieve their digital marketing goals. 

We understand the blood, sweat, and tears that come with running a small business. Since 2017, we have developed marketing strategies for over 200 businesses, some of which have grown to over $1m+ in monthly revenue. Today, Blossom serves clients from New York City to Los Angeles with over 10 people on our team residing all over the country. 

Our services include:
- Email Marketing - Web Design - SEO - Google Ads Management - Social Media - Influencer Management - TikTok Ads Management - Training


527 Front Beach Dr
United States
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