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Body Affects: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Body Affects

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Body Affects works with corporations to bring a new approach to wellness into the office. We help
people learn techniques to relieve pain, add movement into daily routines, improve knowledge of
ergonomics, enhance employee health and wellness, and decrease absences and insurance costs
through health education.
Extra care is taken to craft talks around clients’ and corporations’ needs.  By empowering your
employees or other staff to understand, improve, and integrate movement tips, tricks and techniques
into their daily routine, they can avoid taking time out of their busy schedules for therapy appointments
or recovery days.
Adding educational components and easy to use techniques can improve productivity, focus, and
work enjoyment. These talks are a fun way to encourage your employees and other staff to learn about
their body, reframe pain, and take control of their lives, both at work and at home. Healthy happy
employees make better work environments. 
These talks/programs, can include:

  • Reframing pain and how to relieve it
  • Techniques for specific body parts
  • Techniques for the body as a whole
  • Ergonomics and how the body is your workstation
  • Tips, tricks and techniques that are easy to implement
  • How your brain can help you instead of getting in your way
  • How stress can impact your body, your work, and your life
  • Customizable talks
  • Themed talks