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Brame AG

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Elevate your B2B metrics with Brame, a Swiss MarTech SaaS company specializing in interactive gamification. Our innovative platform allows brands across various sectors to create dynamic marketing games without any programming knowledge, perfectly catering to the evolving needs of the B2B market.

Our intuitive, drag-and-drop gamification builder is designed to enhance crucial B2B KPIs including lead generation, conversion rates, CAC, newsletter open and click rates and much, much more. This strategic tool aids businesses in fostering heightened customer engagement at every stage of the customer journey; a fundamental aspect in the B2B landscape.

Choose from an extensive and ever-growing library of customizable game templates that align with your unique brand identity and objectives. Once fully customized, these engaging games can be efficiently deployed across all marketing channels, offering a comprehensive, interactive solution to boost customer interaction and retention.

In addition to our platform, we provide strategic consultancy integral to our services, ensuring you extract maximum value from your campaigns in this highly competitive environment. 



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