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Branded Translations

Translation & localization services, specialized in marketing and advertising content for global and multicultural audiences. We cover every industry and all languages. Guaranteed 100% human translations ensuring that the translated content is as effective and persuasive as the original.

Today many companies sell their products/ services globally and nationally, in languages other than English. In order to grab & keep consumers’ ever shortening attention span, more ads aim to evoke emotion through creative content. Research shows that decision making, as well as emotional response happens quicker & more effectively with communication in one’s native language. This is why many companies today translate their advertising & marketing content into the languages of their audience around the world, and the native language of their largest consumer demographic, nationally.

At Branded Translations we specialize in creative content. Our services are similar to those of translation & ad agencies. We apply the process, talent and discipline of an ad agency to ensure that the localized copy is as effective and creative as the original. We work exclusively with copywriters and creative linguists from around the world who understand cultural nuances, the underlying intent of the copy & know their local marketing disciplines.
Our services are:
Translation of any industry general content into any language,
Transcreation, which is the creative adaptation of advertising copy into any language,
Brand testing, which is the linguistic assessment of a brand or product name before its global launch and
Design / Desktop Publishing in any language to publish translated content in culturally sensitive design and format.
Our stringent quality control process guarantees 100% human translation involving at least two linguists per language.

Tel: +1(818) 395 6350

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