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October 2 & 3 2019

LA Convention Center


With the world moving very quickly around your customers, we believe that user experience and innovation are essential to creating value. Setting yourself apart in our competitive digital age is imperative. More than 50 billion devices are predicted to be connected together by 2020. Because of this, it is critical to harness this potential and stay connected - in front of, and relevant to your target audience. The masterminds behind FluidRank will help you market to your community, creating action with your customers that evolve your products and services while doing so. The experience that we deliver will influence your brand while creating a positive impact on your audience. Simply put, FluidRank builds brand vision and crushes project development. We do it right. We do it for you. More importantly, we do it for your users and we`re going to make them believers.

Tel: 8557265871

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