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Adriana Gallardo

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Adriana Gallardo

Adriana Gallardo, Mexican by birth and pure heart Latina, she is the CEO and founder of Adriana's Insurance, and a clear example of "Success" She arrived in the United States as an immigrant, with no work experience, no English speaking, and limited resources. However, she never quit the American Dream.

She started working at a fast food franchise and later, encouraged by her mother, opened the first office of Adriana's Insurance. Despite facing many challenges and obstacles as an immigrant, her winning mindset did not allow her to give up, and she continued forward with strength, perseverance, focus, and determination. Gradually, with her great charisma and leadership, she dominated the insurance industry, turning Adriana's Insurance into the leading auto insurance sales company.

Considered by Forbes as one of the 100 most powerful women, she is the owner of AGI BUSINESS GROUP, which includes Adriana's Insurance, Adriana's Immigration Services, Adriana's Traffic School, Adriana's Foundation, Adriana Gallardo (Personal Brand), and AGNC Media Group, the marketing agency responsible for positioning, planning, designing, producing, and distributing all advertising content for each one of her brands and companies.

Adriana Gallardo, author of the book “Cómo ser una mujer chingona… ¡Y no morirse del miedo!, is not only an example of inspiration and success but also a woman who is passionate about empowering and motivating people to believe in themselves and face their fears.

Behind her image as an empowered business woman, there is a sensitive human being who is constantly learning and growing personally and professionally. She always motivates and shares with every person on her team all the experience and knowledge she has acquired during more than 30 years of success.

Her passion and love for the Latino community are always a topic of conversation in every interview, conference, or event she attends. For Adriana Gallardo, nothing is impossible, and through her passion, she encourages Latinos to fight for their dreams and as always she says, "she wants to see them shine."


2111 Business Center Drive
United States
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  • I wrote "Cómo ser una mujer Chingona y no morirse del miedo" a book where through my experiences, I seek to help you discover your strengths, empower yourself and provide you with the tools that have ...
  • Empodérate

    Feb 09, 2023
    It consists of learning step by step the 4 pillars that have led Adriana Gallardo to Success, and she has applied throughout her career of more than 30 years as a businesswoman and today she has them ...
  • Chingona Circle

    Sep 17, 2022
    Adriana Gallardo will help you discover your strengths and bring out your best version. Empowering the Chingona that lives in you.


  • Chingona Circle

    Sep 17, 2022 Adriana Gallardo
    Adriana Gallardo will help you discover your strengths and bring out your best version. Empowering the Chingona that lives in you.


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