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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

Hive 9

Hive9 is a leading provider of Marketing Performance Management Solutions for enterprise marketers. Marketing Performance Management encompasses marketing planning and calendaring, marketing financial management and budgeting, as well as marketing performance measurement and insights, eliminating the need to ever start planning in spreadsheets again. Hive9 differs from other SaaS solutions in this area in that behind the planning and performance modules sits a configurable revenue modeler that accounts for the waterfall stage conversions and stage velocities that drive the timing and results of marketing activities. By coupling the modeling with our predictive forecasting, we enable organizations to adapt their marketing plans while in-flight, ensuring that they meet their goals, regardless of what the market throws at them.

Hive9 is intuitive and easy to set-up. Most organizations can stand up planning and calendaring in under a month. Hive9 is connected too. Your marketing tech stack and your plan can and should work together ensuring each other’s accuracy and viability. With connectors for CRM and Map, analytics and workflow, as well as finance and business intelligence, Hive9 can be a very important member of your stack. In a connected world, with every imaginable segmentation at your fingertips and backed by sophisticated revenue models and predictive analysis, our clients are building next years marketing plan based on what they have learned instead of what they did last year.

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