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Lotus Pictures

Stand: B1010
Lotus Pictures

Lotus Pictures is a video marketing agency dedicated to client satisfaction. We’re the ultimate problem-solvers. And we love what we do. If you have a story, let us bring it to life. 

Founded in 2014 we produce on average 300 deliverables a year. We’ve executed productions in 14 different countries and 20 states and we’ve produced videos in 10 languages. We have client relationships spanning 10+ years. We make effective, impactful video content using a proven process of creating content that’s easy and provides measurable business value. From start to finish, we think of everything so you don’t have to.

Our services include:

  • Concept Development (Ideation, Scripting, Storyboards).

  • Video Pre-Production (Story Captures, Production Guide Development, Logistical Planning, Crew and Equipment Booking).

  • Video Production (Camera, Lighting, Sound, Interviewing, Comprehensive Videography/ Photography Services).

  • Video Post-Production (Editing, Graphics, Animation, Voiceovers, Transcription, Translation, Stock Music, Audio Mixing, Color Correct, Subtitling/Captions, Finishing and Final Delivery).

  • Photo Retouching.

  • Motion Graphic Design and Animation that explicitly follow Client Branding Guidelines.

  • Design (Presentations/Infographics/Posters/Signage/Prezi).

  • Digital Design and Production (Banners, Animated GIFs, Newsletters, Social Content).

  • Extensive Network of National/International Resources We can mobilize and capture content anywhere at any time.

  • Customer Experience We’re “customer-facing” so we can represent you and your brand directly by working with your customers during the creative process, pre-production, filming and post.


85 Broad Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY
United States
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