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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

TMM Data

TMMData's Marketing Data Unification Platform provides digital marketing teams with self-service data integration, blending, and preparation tools to support marketing automation, attribution, and campaign management goals.
TMMData drives next-level results with tools to centralize and scale campaign tracking setup, standardize cross-channel taxonomy, avoid data gaps, and automate direct imports to analytics and BI tools.
Pre-built connectors make it easy to integrate enterprise database systems and big data with cloud applications like Salesforce, Marketo, Facebook, and SAP. Clean, aggregated data can be loaded directly into popular analytics and visualization platforms like Adobe Analytics, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI.

With TMMData's Marketing Data Unification Platform, marketers can:
- Access and merge data from all their critical marketing sources for comprehensive campaign evaluation using pre-built connectors
- Blend data from unique legacy systems for data flows using internal systems that are typically inaccessible by enterprise integration tools
- Create a marketing data-mart using the built-in data storage tool to provide team members with a single, central source for quality data insights
- Immediately load clean, prepared data into analytics and BI tools like Adobe Analytics, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Domo
- Analyze combined internal/external, online/off-line data for confident cross-channel attribution with self-service data-prep tools

TMMData`s platform powers the marketing data supply chains of clients like Comcast, Accenture, FedEx, Royal Caribbean, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Penn State, and others.

What are your marketing data challenges? What could you do with complete data access? Come chat with us in the expo hall!

Tel: 855 554 3282

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