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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center

Troparé Inc

Troparé Empowers and Connects Your Data Driven Marketers + Field Sales Workforce.

Built to overcome the challenges of working with disparate data, Troparé`s Marketing Data Management Studio (MDMS) and Field Sales Technology streamline and empower marketing and sales professionals to operate more effectively and efficiently.
With Troparé, data-driven marketers have access to a self-service closed-loop marketing data management studio (MDMS) consisting of rich imperative data solutions driving actionable insights and visualizations, instant data transformations, and optimized data utilization across the entire organization - without dependency on IT. Data-driven sales teams are empowered by the Troparé prospecting suite, consisting of both native mobile and desktop (field) sales acceleration applications.
With twenty (20) issued patents, multiple Fortune 50, F100, and high-growth customers in various verticals, Troparé is a household name within the B2B data-driven marketing and sales acceleration space. All Troparé solutions are built in-house in Laguna Beach, California, run entirely in the cloud, and are powered by Troparé`s proprietary database engines.

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Website: https://www.tropare.com/
Email: sales@tropare.com
Phone: +1 (949) 201-0577

Tel: 949-201-0577

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