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April 6 & 7 2022

LA Convention Center


50 to 70 percent of leads sent from marketing to sales never receive sales follow up
- The Pedowtiz Group

Companies lose $15 Million annually due to bad data
- Gartner

Harnessing and maintaining Sales/Marketing data from multiple is hard and inefficient. This leads to mismanaged leads, lost revenue and pipeline delays. Vyakar offers a SaaS platform for B2B sales and marketing enterprises to better manage their leads and run advanced marketing segmentation by combining various data management streams such as records linking, dedupe, clean-up, append, assignment, segmentation etc under one umbrella.

We offer classic IT value proposition. Replacing manual and inefficient processes with fast, reliable computer applications to increase revenue and improve bottom-line. Vyakar integrates with CRM and Marketing automation tools. On the CRM side, it helps map leads with CRM objects such as accounts, contacts and opportunities to help with complex territory and lead assignment. On the Marketing Automation side, it helps create very advanced marketing segmentation for advanced targeting, cross sell/up sell and account based marketing.

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