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Zakkery Marketing Group

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Zakkery Marketing Group

Zakkery Marketing Group is a national marketing partner that helps experts, coaches, bloggers and on-line educators to monetize their knowledge and experience. Leading the industry for over 8 years,  we are helping thousands of people generate money with their on-line courses and authentic content.

How we do that: we have our own method for Online course launches. As an industry leader, we share our unique algorithm how generate consistent leads and sales to exceed the targets and to grow business. Thanks to our innovation, we provide our customers and offer them key-turnkey solution for every business needs and requirements.

We are dream team of more than 50 individuals with unique skills and experience. We are working with passionate, proactive, open-minded individuals, who are driven to satisfy our customers around the globe.

Our Mission :

•           to spark experts desire to help as many people with their expertise as possible

•           to help online educators and influencers to generate 10x revenues by providing TOP level marketing and sales of their online courses

Our Goals:

•           To teach experts creating interesting, profitable and long-term online training projects without constant launches and speaker burnout;

•           To pull outside the uniqueness of our clients and let them share the most valuable and precious thing what they own, their experience with the audience

•           To organize the process of interaction clearly, technically and in the modern realities of the system business.

•           To lead our clients with our knowledge to the creation of unique and engaging projects.

Our Services & Solutions:

•           Comprehensive launch management. Marketing & Sales for online courses.

•           Launch strategy development

•           Creation of a product/products line for the expert (if it does not exist)/product improvement.

•           Creating a marketing strategy, creating websites. Social networking.

•           Creating & Implementing the sales strategy of the product

•           Monetization of the blogger's expertise.


We invite you to visit our website to secure a free strategy call, where we can discuss our solutions and the road map which help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently, to solve the problem of promoting oneself, positioning oneself in the market, to create a product, the blogger/expert becomes popular and recognizable, to create your unique "money generating machine."


13044 Pacific Promenade apt 421
Playa Vista
United States
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