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October 2 & 3 2019

LA Convention Center

Scaling Your Brand's Visual Content

How can brands begin to simplify creative processes while still maintaining quality and consistency? Learn about the tools and technology major brands are using to create cost-effective and engaging visual branded visual content at scale.

Now more than ever, marketers and creatives are being asked to create more meaningful and personalized content in a shorter amount of time. However, the antiquated creative brief process combined with the demand for content across multiple channels is straining the marketing and creative ecosystem. While brands have more options than ever before to create content, many are not set up to create content at scale.

Our experts, Meagan Suckling (Director of Brand Partnerships), Lisa Pellegrino (VP, Custom Content Operations, and Elizabeth Houde (Manager, Growth Initiatives) will discuss the tools and strategies adopted by major brands to create successful brand marketing campaigns and how you can ensure a consistent brand experience across all content deliverables and distribution channels.

At A Glance

•  How to scale content across multiple channels
•  Which channels to prioritize for maximum engagement
•  The types of content that resonate with customers
•  Streamlined creative briefs and overall creative process
•  Crafting your brand's visual guidelines

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