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April 6 & 7 2022

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Automated Video Added to the Video Club

The Video Club have created Bertie, the automated video bot, to help their human editors  unlock the power of video for businesses across the country.

Video is the future of all online communication and The Video Club have developed a piece of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will help them make it even easier to unlock the power of video for their members.

At present, everyone who has a membership with The Video Club enjoys hand curated video content, edited by world leading video editors, but now they can also add templates that can be used for unlimited videos.

The types of businesses this can benefit are endless but some examples are job adverts, announcements, car adverts, social media posts, fact of the day videos. Anything that is being said regularly can be automated.

The real strength lies in the balance of content. Businesses need to be using hand crafted videos and automated videos in a balanced strategy, and all members of the Video Club benefit by receiving a video strategy on joining.

The way Bertie works is that a template is created, then whenever the user wants to create a video they simply enter some text, or add an image, or even upload some video, then Bertie does his magic and a video is delivered!

To find out more, find The Video Club at the B2B Marketing Expo, or visit www.thevideoclub.co

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