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Why Your SEO Campaign Isn't Working

Whether you’re working with an external agency or have a dedicated in-house team, your SEO campaign may be hindering rather than helping you.

When done right, an SEO campaign should propel your website’s online visibility for a range of relevant terms and generate you more conversions organically, whether that’s a contact form completion, newsletter sign-up, enquiry or a sale. When done wrong, your SEO campaign becomes another monthly outgoing that you just can’t afford.

Lack of Communication

Are you in regular contact with your SEO strategist?

If the answer is no, it suggests they have no great results to shout about. A successful SEO campaign should have any SEO shouting from the rooftops – this is testament to their own ability to rank a website.  

A lack of communication also means a lack of transparency. Without communication and transparency, how do you know what your SEO strategist is doing with your budget? A reputable SEO should give you a clear demonstration of how your budget has been spent. Was it citation building, outreach, onsite optimisation or technical fixes? Once you know what work has been carried out, you can more accurately assess the impact it has had.

Vague or Non-Existent Reports

Are you receiving a monthly update report that you understand?

If your SEO agency or in-house specialist is not providing you with reports of their progress, perhaps there isn’t any progress. You should expect a monthly report as standard from your SEO agency, or more often if your SEO is carried out in-house.

A vague report which doesn’t include actionable insights won’t help you to assess progress. The report should be understandable and not overwhelm you with masses of technical data. If progress has been slower than expected, the report should detail reasons why and outline a clear plan of action to meet the goals set out at the start of your campaign.

Unclear KPIs

Do you know what you want to achieve from your SEO campaign?

Whether it’s to increase website traffic, rankings forspecific key terms, or an increase in sales, your SEO strategist should always be striving to meet these goals. Key performance indicators should be outlined at the start of the campaign and efforts should be consistently evaluated to ensure appropriate progress is made.

While an increase in website traffic is great, if those users aren’t converting into enquiries or sales, you won’t be getting a return on your SEO investment. A dedicated SEO specialist will want to go above and beyond for your campaign and make further strategy suggestions such as call to actions or create more specific pages to convert users.

Outdated Tactics

Is your SEO company suggesting spammy strategies?

In 2018, SEO is designed to benefit both Google and users alike. If your SEO specialist is recommending that you buy links, write fake reviews, stuff the keyword everywhere for ‘Google’s benefit’, it’s probably an outdated tactic that won’t work and could even land you in trouble.

An agency or specialist should love what they do and stay up to date with industry news as SEO is an ever-evolving marketing strategy. With algorithm updates happening every single day, it’s important your SEO specialist isn’t sticking with the same tactics that worked back in 2005 as Google is much more intelligent now; if you’re trying to cheat the system, you will lose.


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