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Are You Ready For Christmas Marketing?

Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. Is your social media plan ready for the busiest season of the year?

Christmas means many things to many people. If you’re involved in the world of social media marketing, it means lots of forward planning, campaign organisation and multi-tasking like you’ve never seen it before! Get your ideas, plans and schedules organised now and December won’t seem quite as daunting.  

Plan your Christmas Calendar

No, we’re not talking about advent calendars here. To really get the most out of your marketing in the festive season, it’s important to have a social media calendar prepared in advance. This not only makes your job easier when it comes to creating content, but it also ensures that you cover all the topics and types of content that you want to.

Whether you want to keep it broad and plan which topic or product you’d like to promote each week in December, or you prefer a daily schedule, you’ll find Christmas marketing much easier with a plan to follow. Have a think about what goals you want to achieve over Christmas with your marketing and how best to communicate your message. This might be more sales, brand awareness, or simply giving your audience great content as a thank-you for following you throughout the year. Then, create a spreadsheet detailing what you will post and when, to achieve those goals. A content calendar also makes sure that you are posting varied, interesting content.

Christmas Video Marketing

It’s no secret that social media loves video content and this certainly remains true at Christmas.

As people eagerly anticipate the new supermarket Christmas adverts, December is a great time to impress your audience with video. Why not invest in quality video marketing this season and really show off your business, products and values? These videos can then be utilised across all your social media platforms.

Social Media Advertising

In the run up to Christmas, social media advertising becomes extremely competitive. You’ll find your cost per click increasing as the market becomes more saturated. Now is the time to decide whether you want to increase your advertising spend to potentially reap fantastic returns, or whether you want to pause your advertising to return to it in January.

If you have the budget to invest, ensure you have optimized your campaigns before December, so that you can simply up the spend once the season begins. Make sure your campaigns are timely and relevant, have enticing copy and visuals that will capture your intended audience’s attention. With so much competition out there, you want to have the best ads in your industry!

Christmas Competitions on Social Media

Who doesn’t love a prize at Christmas? Christmas competitions are a great way to reward your audience, increase your brand visibility and engagement and have a little fun on social media this Christmas. You might want your audience to share their photos, guess an answer or join in a festive quiz. Always remember to check out each social media platform’s rules on competitions before you set yours live, so you aren’t breaking any regulations.


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