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PRINT-ON-DEMAND? Not just for low quantity digital printing!

People often think of print-on-demand in terms of small quantities that are printed digitally. For printers like us, however, the term implies quite the opposite - it is often larger quantities printed using a litho, web-offset printing process. The only similarities are the very fast turnarounds and its on-demand nature.

Retailers, brands and businesses tend to choose print-on-demand when they want to send files and have the printed copies back very quickly. For example, a retailer, brand or business knows in advance they want to run a print-marketing campaign for Valentine’s, Easter, Black Friday and Christmas, and plans their print schedules accordingly.

So what happens then? They place an order with the printer, which includes details of the chosen format, along with estimated paginations and print orders. The printer orders the paperstock in preparation, but the artwork doesn’t have to be sent until just a few hours before it is ready to print. This enables the client to respond quickly to changing market conditions and competitor activity.

Clients are often very shocked to learn that, when combining a print and insert advertising campaign for example, their printed copies can be in the hands of millions of consumers - within just 48 hours upon receipt of artwork - dependent on a number of factors. Now you have to admit, that is impressive!

This allows marketers to plan and budget effectively, whilst ensuring that their print communications have the most up-to-date news and information, or the most competitive offers on the market.

Print is an ideal platform for driving consumers online or creating footfall in-store. Whether it is being used as a communications or a promotional tool, there is no denying the impact print has. Campaigns including print are 67% more effective at delivering new customers than those without (Source: Newsworks, IPA Databank Study 2017), and 81% of people have bought an item or visited a place after reading about it (Source: Magnetic Rules of Attraction 2015).

Anything worth doing takes a bit of planning, but organising a print campaign is not stressful if you choose the right partner, and consider the whole process - from the format through to distribution. Think about where the print site is located; how long it will take the printer to print your order; how long it will take to deliver; the cost of delivery; the impact of costs, if increasing the pagination or changing paperstock...

...Or you could get in touch with a national printer who not only offers a bespoke, personal service, but is also able to take you through the process from start to finish - at a very cost effective price.

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