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3 Tactics for Improving your Content Marketing

A lot of businesses put a lot of effort into creating content - but what should you do if it doesn’t perform as well as you would like?

The first step is identifying what you are trying to achieve, and recognise what needs to change in order to deliver those objectives.

From there, your content needs to meet at least one or more of the following criteria:

1. Your content gets consumed. If it is a video, it gets watched. If it is an article, it gets read
2. Your content drives engagement, with comments and feedback
3. Your content reaches new audiences by getting shared on social media or discovered in the search engines
4. Your content leads to data capture. This means that you can build a list of potential clients or contacts or partners
5. Your content drives leads and enquiries to fill your sales pipeline
6. Your content reduces business costs by helping customers to help themselves, or reduce marketing spend in other areas
7.Your content nurtures customer loyalty as a "keep in touch" mechanism to update and inform your customers
8. Your content builds your brand reputation by positioning you as a thought leader in your field

Here are 3 tips to help you improve your content marketing:

1)    Help people find your content

Search engine optimisation is an essential part of your content marketing. Depending on your industry sector, search engines like Google will be driving more than 50% of all the traffic to your website. If you are in business services that figure will be much higher.

You therefore should be making content that your target audience is searching for and incorporate keywords to ensure you give your content the chance to rank well.

Here’s our guide to optimising your blog posts

2) Make your content helpful

If your content isn’t getting shared or commented on, it might be due to the fact that your content isn’t helpful.

Helpful content should:

- Be useful to me in getting my job done or teach me something new
- Enable me to look good in the eyes of my peers when I share it
- Give me an emotional lift and make me feel good

Unhelpful content is usually pretty easy to spot. This could be because you’re generating content at volume, or generating it solely produced with a sales and marketing focus. Perhaps your content is a thinly veiled sales pitch or your content doesn't drill down to specifics.

Thinking about what makes your content helpful will help you improve engagement.

3) Make the best use of your existing great content

Most businesses will have archives full of content that is always of interest to your readers. This kind of ‘evergreen’ content doesn’t tend to get out of date,  and is always relevant.

Examples include FAQs, "how to" articles and expert advice. It could be articles, videos, infographics or podcasts. You can use Google Analytics as one method of researching which content gets the highest traffic levels over the longest period of time.

Evergreen content is often search engine-friendly, useful for prospects and existing customers, and positions your business as an expert and leader in its field.

In order to take advantage of your existing evergreen content, your marketing tactics should include:

- Linking to and from other pieces of freshly produced related content that you have created
- Refresh the content in terms of current developments in your niche sector
- Share the content periodically on your social networks


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