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April 6 & 7 2022

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Gaining a brand engagement that brings your customers back for more

Pokémon Go caused a wave of excitement a few years ago on social media and other interactive social messaging platforms when it implement Augmented Reality (AR) technology.  Now AR isn’t the new kid on the block any more, with more and more brands adding it to their marketing mix to create unique experiences for their customers.

While online shopping enables people to make purchases anywhere, being able to visualise the product in a physical space is crucial. Whether it’s the ability to try on a pair of glasses or match a set of pillows to your couch. Even with the rise of online shopping, the ability to see, touch and feel products is one of the top reasons people still shop in stores versus online.

AR can help brands drive tangible business outcomes at scale and create memorable experiences for their customers that keep them coming back. In today’s digital world, employing AR technology cannot only position a brand as cutting-edge and timely, but also provide content that customers want to share with friends instantly.  It ‘s also an incredibly powerful new way to shop, helping them make decisions they otherwise wouldn’t be able to make shopping online. For example, BMW use AR to let customers get up close and personal with their vehicles, actually letting them virtually change the look of their dream vehicle. While cosmetics giant Sephora gives its customers the ability to virtually try on and share a selection of different make-up looks.  Customers are inevitably more likely to buy something when they can visualise how it might look in their world.

If ask yourself if it’s something people will want to share with friends and loved ones, AR can give customers the ability to share their experience, the products or styles they’ve virtually tried on to get valuable input from family and friends, while exposing your brand to potential new customers. Building unique experiences is as important, as is differentiating, in a way that surprises and delights your customers. The outcome of your AR experience is extremely important, ensuring that you build on the relationship you’ve just forged with your customers. Thinking about ways to re-engage based on the AR effects they’ve tried and the ways they’ve connected with your brand is one of the most important hidden elements.

You don’t want your app to be a one-off experience for your customer.  Apps should keep them coming back and also enable you to continue and build the relationship utilising the connections AR creates. They not only connect people with your brand, they also connect people with each other who in turn connect with your brand. This capacity to connect people with the brands they love and give them the ability to actually get things done is what really sets AR apart.

The experience you create should inspire people to take action and deliver an outcome that makes sense for your business!