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The Top 10 Reasons Your Leads Aren’t Converting

You are producing high volumes of leads, your open, click and response rates are good and it all feels very positive, doesn’t it?

However, if none of this translates into good quality leads or opportunities that convert to revenue, your effort and investment are wasted.

This is the worst case scenario, as your marketing costs escalate and your sales team spends their valuable time chasing poor quality leads that produce very few conversions. Far from a positive experience, it is very frustrating for the sales team and does little to create a harmonious relationship between your sales and marketing departments.

The quality of your leads, as well as the resources and processes you have in place to deal with them, could all be impacting your conversion rates. Below are ten common conversion issues that businesses face – address these, and you may well see your conversion rate heading in the right direction!

1. Off Target Leads: the leads may not match your target prospect, perhaps because they were not in the data that you sourced. Clear messaging and calls to action can help qualify inbound traffic and human interaction will help you understand and qualify leads from the start.

2. Lack of audience insight: research into your audience and their needs will help ensure that you are talking to the correct people about the right issues, to make sure you are a good fit for one another.

3. Traffic jam: if leads are coming in faster than you can process them, they may age and expire before they’re followed up. If you can’t or don’t want to restrict volume, an outsource agency provides a flexible resource to manage fluctuations and maintain a steady flow.

4. Leads not ‘Sales Ready’: if MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) go straight to your sales team, you run the risk of their time being taken up with poor quality leads. Qualify and nurture your leads, understand and develop their interest so that they are truly ‘sales-ready’.

5. Lack of clarity on SQLs: make sure that the criteria for a sales lead is clearly defined and accurate; with that definition shared across the sales and marketing teams.

6. Sales skills: are your sales team too pushy, using a script, or not listening properly to the prospect? Do they need more training on demonstration skills, customer service or product knowledge?

7. Insufficient collateral: do you have the materials required to substantiate your proposition?

8. Unmet needs: ensure you have a feedback loop - to understand customer issues, pain points and interests – so that your product and proposition addresses those needs.

9. Stretched resources: if your in-house team are managing both inbound and outbound calling, lead qualification can fall to the bottom of the pile or not be carried out effectively.

10. Poor customer experience: to convert your leads, your prospects need to feel a connection with your brand and feel they can trust you. You need communication experts to build that relationship.

If you’d like to discuss how to improve your conversion rate, please get in touch! Download our infographic for a handy list of our top tips.

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