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3 Reasons to Start Social Media Listening

Social media listening – the tracking of data from digital conversations to find new opportunities, create actionable insights and output targeted, relevant content for your audience.

Discover popular, emerging conversations and trends
The benefits of using social media listening to glean consumer insights offers businesses a variety of ways to understand their audience on a micro level. Social media listening provides granular data about your business ecosystem, your customers, business partners, constituencies, employees and competitors. With a particular focus on consumer behavior, emerging trends, such as ingredients that are popular amongst vegans, can help shape your market strategy and provide insider’s view about the issues that are most important to your target audience. Making sure your brand is on top of trends is pivotal. Feeding that social data and sentiment back into the business will help develop your products and offers so that they resonate with your audience.

Identify influencers to reach new audiences
The I-word was the big thing in marketing last year, and that’s not set to stall any time soon. Social media listening not only lets you see what people are talking about, it will also aid you in identifying who is talking about your brand and your industry. Who gets the most engagement for this topic? Who do people really listen to and trust

Influencer marketing grew by a staggering 198% last year. Using branded searches along with exploring Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from within a social media listening platform enables you to identify the right influencers who not only talk about your brand, but who affect and impact your target audience’s decisions.

From there you’ll be able to ascertain how powerful their influence is with key measures of post likes, number of comments etc. Further segmenting by industry, reach and the specific influencer marketing goals, brands can use social media intelligence platforms to identify influencers who are a great match for them.

Create content that resonates with your audience
By listening to both your prospects and customers in an arena where they speak freely – be it social media, websites, blogs, forums etc – you will also get unique insights into what matters to them. These days, any pains we experience or frustrations we deal with will usually make their way onto social media. Supplying social media listening data and insights to your content creators, is a collaboration that ensures any content you put out hits the bullseye.

Be sure to share that content on social, too, and tag the influencers you identified earlier, then use social listening to see what they think. Share the data and insights you gather with the wider business to help educate all departments about the profile of the company’s audience and how to approach them in an engaging way. 

Linkfluence, a social media intelligence company, provides brands with actionable consumer insights through social data and market leading social media research.


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