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Print Marketing Making a Comeback...

Print marketing in today's digital world is making a comeback. With global brands and retailers deciding to return to print for a number of reasons - to boost sales, increase brand recognition, improve public perception, retain customers - it looks like marketers are also acknowledging that print helps to achieve these goals.

#trusted Trust in a brand or retailer is very important in a world where consumers gather information from a variety of sources, but print seems to ‘cut through all the noise’ to offer a trusted source of information. Facebook has chosen print to rebuild consumer trust, by communicating both their apology for the data scandal and their "Fake news is not our friend” campaign as adverts in newspapers, magazine and out-of-home. Or who can forget KFC’s masterclass in crisis management when they ran out of chicken and quickly came up with full page adverts for the ‘FCK, we’re sorry’ campaign? Print remains a trusted source of information - of paramount importance to the brand or retailer looking to win new business and retain customers.

#loyalty Retailers and brands are struggling to win consumer loyalty - with so many options available - and online brands and retailers can no longer just sell through one channel. Big retailers, such as IKEA, continue to release traditional print catalogues in a digital age, and are seeing huge gains. Amazon recently sent out a physical toy catalog for Christmas, trying to fill the void left by the demise of Toys R Us. Promotional brochures work well when printed and distributed quickly, ensuring that price point is competitive, and allowing for quick reaction to changing market conditions.

#reach Newsbrands reach 1 in 4 adults daily – that’s over 12 million people every day (Source: PAMCo 3 2018, Jul ‘17 – Sep ‘18), and although there is no denying that circulation has fallen, they still offer reach that cannot be downplayed or ignored. It isn’t just your stereotypical ‘older reader’ either, as newsbrands reach 44% of 18-34 year olds daily (Source: PAMCo 3 2018, Jul ‘17 – Sep ‘18), and children's newspapers and magazines are becoming increasingly popular - for instance, First News is a weekly newspaper aimed at 7 to 14-year-olds. Also, niche and regional publications can offer the opportunity to target a specific demographic or geographic area.

#effective Print also demands attention. If you're sitting in a cinema, you are much more likely to watch the trailer before the film begins, and the same goes for print. If you pick up a newspaper, brochure or a brands comms magazine, you have probably chosen to do so because you have time to spend reading it, and can offer it the attention it deserves. You can easily put it down and come back to it later if needed. 60% of newsbrand readers do not consume any other media at the same time as reading newspapers (Source: Newsworks, Source: The battle for attention), and print readers spend a lot of time with their newspaper. On average, 1 hour 26 minutes is spent reading a Sunday newspaper (Source: IPA Touchpoints), driving powerful response to print marketing campaigns.

Print can offer an effective form of communication with a huge reach that is trusted by the consumer. It can communicate in a way no other channel can. By choosing the right print provider, print can be fast and cost-effective, and offer great ROI. Big brands have all started to embrace printed media in recent times, as this trusted channel makes a comeback for marketers around the globe.

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