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How to Generate 24K Extra Website Visitors Organically with this Basic Backlink Strategy

The Results

Organic traffic has increased by almost 24 thousand sessions during the time that Bigfoot Digital have been working with this B2B company, which is all thanks to this basic strategy. By increasing organic website sessions by almost 60% during this period, with an average of 2 thousand additional visitors per month, this company has grown considerably as a result.

How did we do it?

The Problem

This company had worked with an SEO agency previously but felt that they weren’t getting a good return on investment, so started to shop around. We showed them that the reason they weren’t getting a good return on investment was that they were stuck on page 2 for their biggest terms and put them a fully bespoke strategy together to propel them onto page 1.

The age-old SEO joke was told:

Q: “Where do you hide a dead body?”

A: “On the second page of Google.”

It’s an important joke we tell at Bigfoot Digital. We’ve seen the difference this makes and we’ve felt the frustrations of those who have been held back by unambitious campaigns.

The Rankings

We focused on the high search volume terms which were searched for 22 thousand times per month and 14 thousand times per month because we like to think “go big, or go home”. There were also a mix of longer tail keywords with less competition thrown in for good measure, but these were the terms that would convert into big money for this company.

The Strategy

This company is in a competitive financial industry and needed a bespoke solution to show Google that this company is a leader within its field, so here’s what we did.

The strategy was designed to position this company as an authoritative industry figure, so we focused on improving their backlink profile. What we really needed to improve was the:

Backlink quality
Backlink trust
Backlink relevancy

And here’s how we did it…

Informational Blogs

To get relevant, trustworthy and relevant backlinks, we first needed a reason for websites to link out to this company. They used to say that content is king, but content is simply a neccessity. We focused on creating highly informational blog posts that tackled real topics that people were asking about, giving high quality advice in detail. We started with keyword research to find the questions that people were asking; and then we answered them.

While everyone searching for these answers may not convert into a sale, we helped to position this company as a thought leader; the go-to place for knowledge and Google loves this.


Backlinks are still one of THE most influential ranking factors. Theories may come and go that Google is placing less or more weight on them, but a backlink profile which showcases industry-relevant links from trusted sources, and isn’t over-optimised, will remain at the height of Google while the spammers of this world are left to be penalised.

Now that this company had a REASON for people to link to them, we encouraged people to link to them!


We ONLY pursued industry-relevant links. No links-for-links-sake were created during this strategy! Even if this meant getting less links, it meant that we got BETTER links and they are worth their weight in gold.

So, if a site was relevant and had a genuine reason to link out to a piece of informational content we created, we reached out.


We used the Majestic SEO tool to analyse the trust of website we wanted to gain links from. If it wasn’t trusted, it wasn’t contacted. By acquainting themselves with highly trusted sites, this company’s own trust score improved from 32/100 to 51/100 in the space of just a few months. Google likes nothing more than to know it can trust a site.



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