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Social Media Campaigns to Generate Leads and Increase Your Engagement

You know that to maximise your brand’s potential and reach the top, it’s essential to perform specific Social Media campaigns to generate leads and increase your engagement. The competitions, promotions and online draws network are a strategy that should not be missing from your marketing plan.

What are the advantages that Social Media campaigns will give you? You can get to know your target audience better, generate leads and accompany them throughout the purchasing process, generating new customers for the brand. They are promotions with a low entry barrier and therefore users often find it very easy to participate in them. You can also integrate them into your website, blog, social networks...

Choose the goal for your campaign

Depending on the objective you want to achieve with your campaign, you should choose one type of promotion or another.

- Enhance your brand.
- Increase the number of followers.
- Increase interaction and engagement.
- Generate user content and monitor it through a specific hashtag.
- Generate leads to then nurture and work through specific segmented campaigns.
- Know your target audience better.
- Make your profile known to new users by having followers that they already know you.

Types of Social Media campaigns

Now that you have defined the specific objective(s) you want to achieve with your campaign, you can choose what type of promotion you want to carry out.

Direct draws

These campaigns are super simple. Through them you can attract target audience through the diffusion of your brand, increase your social audience or get it to interact more with your publication, generating more engagement and energising your community. You can promote your products or services through the post you publish, gain visibility and expand your database.

Depending on the social network you launch your draw (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), you’ll be able to establish some requirements or others. For example, Instagram (the one that brands are betting for nowadays) previously allowed you to make draws directly between all your followers or choose those who had given you a like, but the  changes they made to their API no longer allow this type of draw. But you can get great engagement including the requirement that users comment your post (which will give you great clues about what they like or do not like if you ask them for their opinion about something related to the brand), and viralise your draw if you ask them to mention one or more friends in this comment. Also, to keep abreast of all your news, other promotions and know if they have been winners of this draw, you can recommend that they follow the brand. This, in our experience, usually works very well.

Photo competitions and hashtag competitions

When creating a campaign, a very good option is to choose those one in which users have to upload their own photos and videos under a specific hashtag that is connected to your brand.

A User Generated Competition specifically promotes users generating their own content, making them part of the brand. You can measure their level of satisfaction and the content of your audience will attract a new one. When you are going to launch this type of draw, remember that the call to action should be very clear: Encourage them to upload photos or videos related to your products or services, and reward them with a prize commensurate with the effort they have had to make.

Another option is to create the competition based not so much on the content itself, but on a specific hashtag, which can generate a lot of virality. You can monitor them to see the results. This type of draw is especially suitable for events, in which you can project the publications that have been generated with this hashtag on a social wall.

Social Media campaigns or competitions with influencers

In relation to the competitions and draws, a tactic that will work very well is that the influencer you have chosen holds a draw for a product from your brand on social networks or show the products of your brand that you are using.

Social Media campaigns through social login

Users find it very easy to be able to access content such as exclusive draws through this simple option. They will leave a series of data, which will give you new leads that you can segment and target with personalised offers.

These are some of the Social Media campaigns through social login that you can carry out:
- Opinion polls in which you ask users what they think of your brand or opinion surveys about certain trends.
- Forms in which you include certain questions or an open question.
- Fun personality quizzes with which you will know more about their tastes or the type of user interested in your brand.

- Paths quizzes. Remember the “Choose your own adventure” books? In this type of quizzes, depending on the answers your users choose,  the paths or the results will be different. The participants will surely comment on the results and share them with their friends. Your promotion will go viral!
- Net Promoter Score (NPS), with which you measure the loyalty of your users based on the likelihood that they recommend your brand to others.
- Promotion using QR codes through personalised discount codes for all users who have participated in a competition with social login on Instagram.

- Instant win draw, in which users have the opportunity to win prizes instantly. They usually work very well, since they keep the audience attentive and participatory and the participation rate is usually very high.

Tips and good practices for your campaigns

- Encourage social login. You will improve the participation rate and lead generation.
- Choose the right prize for your brand (samples, products related to your brand, discounts ...) and the effort of the users.
- Take advantage of certain dates, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween...
- Choose simple set ups so there are low barriers to entry.
- Spread your campaign through all the channels you have available: newsletters, other social networks, banners, advertising... Make reminders to have more reach and communicate with your audience, answering all of the queries about the draw.
- Include the link to the campaign on your Social Media posts or in the Instagram bio and your Stories. Create fun and adapted content: videos, dynamic images..
- Make access to your draw easy from any device.
- Establish legal foundations adapted to each social network, taking into account its regulations and the GDPR.
- Use a specific hashtag for your social media campaign to monitor it more thoroughly and allow users to identify it.
- Optimise publications by analysing what times and days may have more reach.
- Measure your Social Media campaigns and make reports. Observe the increase in followers, engagement, conversions, objectives... Keep in mind that a conversion below 20-25% in a campaign of this type is rather weak, while a percentage from 50% is considered excellent. Everything in between that is considered average.

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