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April 6 & 7 2022

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The Future’s Bright for Direct Mail

Throughout the many changes in technology, consumer behaviour, regulatory changes, market trends, and a growth in other marketing channels, direct mail has continued to have a firm place in marketing plans.

When we exhibited at B2B Marketing Expo in 2018, it was great to meet so many marketing professionals, all speaking our language and sharing our beliefs in the importance direct mail has as part of a marketing mix.

However, what also struck us was the number of millennials, those at the early stages of their marketing career, who seemed unaware of the direct mail channel. “What, you actually put things into an envelopes and post them out?” was one response we received!

Perhaps there’s a misunderstanding over the term ‘Direct mail’ covers. Gone are the days it’s unwanted collateral sent to a mass market. We handle everything from regular subscription magazines, newsletters, and catalogues to charity appeals, letter and brochure mailings to postcard and self-mailers as well as a lot of transactional mail, including reminder and renewal letters, statements, bills, invoices and salary slips.

Direct mail is any personalised collateral sent via a postal service.

Does direct mail really work?

Research has found that campaigns that include direct mail were 27% more likely to deliver better results than those without mail, and 40% more likely to deliver top acquisition rates.

Consumers react with mail:  

- 39% of households have a dedicated area in their home for keeping mail
- 23% of mail and 21% of promotions are shared between people in a household
- 57% say receiving mail makes them feel valued; 24% valued something they could touch more than something they could only see

Let’s get personal

Personalisation is the key to getting the most out of direct mail. It can help grab attention, make a customer feel valued and trusted and help to build loyalty. But personalisation can, and should be, more than just adding the recipient’s name. Correctly analysing data to target specific segments with different messages, offers, mail pieces, can all help to maximise conversion rates. It certainly doesn’t have to be complicated or blow a whole year’s marketing budget either.

Embracing innovation

Putting a letter into an envelope and mailing it out may seem one of the most simple tasks of everyday life. But, direct mail has evolved so much over the years, and, just like every other industry, now relies on state of the art technology and innovation to keep moving forward.

We’re always looking at ways to develop and innovate the services we provide, to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reduce the environmental impact of our service.

We were one of the first printers in the UK to install an LED UV press. Using the latest in print technology, ink dries instantly, eliminating the need to allow for drying time so sheets are ready for finishing as soon as they are taken off the press. This uses less energy, and coupled with the fact it doesn’t use solvents, ensure the environmental credentials are far superior than other traditional presses. And, it creates razor sharp print quality.

We’re currently in the process of looking into updating our poly wrapping lines, to allow us run alternative materials to traditional polythene, such as starch based, biodegradable film and paper wrapping.


It’s a known fact that direct mail isn’t the cheapest form of marketing, but it’s the return on that investment that’s important.

Postage is usually the largest cost element of a campaign, but there are many ways in which savings can be made. These include ensuring a database is clean and up to date (and meets all the necessary permission criteria) as well as finding the most suitable postage service for your mailing, all of which we can help with.

We’re a Royal Mail partner and also work closely with all Downstream Access Providers so we have access to the full portfolio of UK and International postage services. We always offer our customers non-biased opinions and advice on which service is best suited for each mailing and we’ll process your data to ensure you receive the maximum discounts.

We can also offer a free data health check on your database.

Take our advice…

We’ve been living direct mail for over 20 years so there isn’t much we haven’t seen (or mailed).

Whatever sector you work in and whoever your target audience is, direct mail can play an important part in your marketing plan. We don’t have minimum or maximum runs, so you can mail to as few or as many people as you need. The most important thing is ensuring your campaign is tailored to work for your company and your customer.

Don’t hesitate to call us today to find out how we can help you connect with your existing and potential customers.

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